TERM088 – Monika Kruse – Traces Part 2

Artist: Monika Kruse
Release: Traces Part 2
Cat#: TERM088
Release date: 31 May 2012

A One Love 8:53
B Robot Heart Edit 7:10

It could be a Monday. Maybe it is more like a Tuesday or any other day of the week. But it is certainly one of these days when your memory parades in front of you, full of emotions. And then the search for the traces begins. A few dozen pictures in your digital camera, your record case – still lying next to your front door. Handle with care. This side up. In your pocket, there is a flyer; on its back a short but treasured message “thank you for the music.”

Monika Kruse knows these days and moments. Her personal collection of memories as a DJ, musician and producer continues to give her the ideas, strength and dedication which music always demands. At the start of the nineties, Monika´s DJ life began with her as a resident at the Ultraschall Club in Munich. During the next years she published seven mix compilations and set up the record labels Terminal M and Electric Avenue. Her flourishing career took her East, several times, to Japan`s biggest indoor rave ‘Wire’, and Australia, as well as West, to the best Brazilian clubs. Back home in Berlin, she played in front of a crowd of 1.5 million ravers at the Love Parade, and at world-famous local clubs such as Berghain / Panoramabar, Watergate and Weekend. Now, twenty years later, she has put all of her traces and roots into her fourth artist album. All the beginnings, the ends, highlights, styles, and shadows/colours of her musical life. For Monika, words like deep house, techno, Drum & Bass or tech-house stand for hundreds of records, artists and parties. Traces she collected and digested at some time all put together as a whole.