Pele & Shawncey

Pele & Shawncey

PELE: Ambitious. Creative. Innovative. Those are the best characteristics for an artist to gain a long lasting foothold in the national and international branch of electronical music. Patrick Gallenmüller aka. PELE has all of them. With releases on labels like Cocoon, Cécille, Get Physical, Upon.You, Supernature, My Best Friend, Kindisch and brand-new “Heinz” – the new label of the “Kater Holzig” club in Berlin, PELE can refer to a considerable release roster at the age of only 29 years, which already brought him lots of recognition from lovers of electronical music, music critics and colleagues. Sven Väth officially called him the “man of the hour” because of his outstanding productions & Remixes for labels like Traum Schallplatten, Upon.You & hot Artists like “Audiofly” and “Max Cooper” also speak a clear and international language for themselves… 2012 was definetly his year!

And As if that isn’t enough, PELE is also hosting his own, weekly radio show on famous Ibiza Global Radio, which is well-known and celebrated worldwide. Every Tuesday Night he presents his own mixes and also invites talented guests to the studio. PELE definitely is the personification of a real multitalent. Besides his work as a DJ, Producer and Remixer, he’s also running the club Hundertquadrat together with 2 friends, which is famous far beyond the borders of his homebase Rosenheim and with the “Echelon Festival”, he is hosting every year the biggest electronical music festival in south germany, which already had 15.000 visitors in 2012. Increasing Tendency…

Increasing tendency. Well, this describes Bavarian’s “PELE” in every sense. Also regarding his bookings, PELE, who’s now signed at Talida Wegener – TW Artist Management, can be completely satisfied. Besides his gigs in his own club, he’s a welcome guest all around the world in famous places like the Panoramabar, Watergate and Kater Holzig of course, also based in the Germany’s capital, Cocoon Club in Frankfurt and many more well-known, global locations in UK, Italy, Romania, Russia and many other countries. If the career of an artist already starts so eventfully, we are sure, that we can expect a lot in the future….


The musical adventure started about 9 years of age Maysam imitades his favourite artist – the King of Pop (MJJ). He early knows how to impress with that, be it in shool or on music events in the proximity, he was never denied to perform. Based on this experience in tender years he was able to improve his performance in singing and dancing. Big influences inspired him very early - Hip Hop, Soul, RnB, 70`s Funk, Brake Beat, Brake Dance and Choreography Dance feels familiar to him.

Young he decide to visit the Dance and Singing Academy in Frankfurt am Main, which led him to many life gigs, as background dancer for international artists and as main act singer for the successful mainstream chartact – cuba club. After couple years with intense clubbing around Europe, Maysam was about to do a musical change in his life. He travel many times to Ibiza. The whole Tech-House scene, the crowd and especially the music inspired him for more. He was always impressed, especially after meeting several main DJ’s.

With a bundle of ideas and visions he decide to learn more about how to become a DJ. His inspiration follows Dice, his story impressed, Maysam found a connection in his music and continue with the main focus strongly. Nearly 3 years decay and he join many festivals, events and clubs to listen and learn how the ”Bigs” play with using their own skills. He was lucky cause living in Frankfurt, the club scene allows him the choice between Cocoon, Robert Johnson and Monza. Mostly every weekend the best line ups follow. He categorize the different sounds and focused on own music skills.

During one of his visits on the Festival Love Family Park, he met DJ and producer Pele from Munich. Finally both decide to hook up. They met more often and Maysam determined not to waste any time and move in 2009 from Frankfurt to Munich. He starts his wedge entry funny with buying first complete equipment, before choosing a residence to stay in town – almost looking for more he decide to live directly in the studio in advance. He gets the opportunity to realise his projects together with Pele, his dream nearly becomes true. During the time he raised up with Pele more and more and the hours dropped into the studio. They produce and help out each other with ideas and beliefs.

It was an incredible feeling for both, they create tracks that finally found more interest. Quadrat Records – Rosenheim and Lowroom Recordings – London, released end of 2010 Orient Express & Nachts from Shawnecy. After more intense studio work, in the end of 2011 it comes thick and fast, Pele & Shawnecy finally release together on Cécille Records and Get Physical. Before that PELE crowns his own releasing on Cocoon, Supernature, Connaisseur, Kindisch, Monique,, MBF, Tanzbar, Neuro Traxx, Proton, Traumschallplatten, Dirt Crew, Depolter.